Tulasi Giri

Tulasi-GiriName : Tulasi Giri
Name of Title : ‘Bhabuk’ (Tulasi Giri ‘Bhabuk’)

Nationality : Nepali

Marital Status : Married

Temporary Address : Minbhawan, Kathmandu

Permanent Address : Mechinagar-8, Jhapa
Contact : Cell :- 9841441167
Email:- musicdiary2004@gmail.com

Tulasi Giri, born on February 22, 1968, is the youngest son of Bhakta Bahadur Giri and Naramaya Giri in what was then Kakarbhitta gaau Panchayat ward no.6, now part of Mechinagar Municipality ward no.8. With a career spanning over 30 years in art journalism, Giri has actively contributed to various entertainment genres, including music and films. Currently serving as the Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of the widely acclaimed monthly magazine “Music Diary” and its digital counterpart “emusicdiary.com.” Giri has previously held editorial roles in renowned publications such as “Geetanjali,” “Priya,” and “Dhukdhuki.” He has also served as a columnist in numerous weekly newspaper and as a reporter for Kantipur Publications.


Giri, who successfully passed the vocal test for modern singing at Radio Nepal in 1990 A.D., has recorded a repertoire of both modern and folk songs during his tenure. In the 90s, he authored numerous radio dramas, which were subsequently recorded and broadcast on Radio Nepal. Additionally, Giri’s contributions extend to tele serials and documentaries that he scripted, airing on Nepal Television. His substantial involvement in in-depth study teams focused on film, music, literature, and folklore is evident through his leadership at Sirjansheel Adhyayan Kendra Nepal, a registered organization under his chairmanship. Beyond his personal initiatives, Giri has actively collaborated with research teams from organizations such as “Nepal Foundation for Advanced Studies”, “Media For Culture”, and “Yaman Bridge Nepal.”


Current Responsibilities
Chief Editor/Publisher : (Music Diary- A musical Magazine)
Editor: emusicdiary.com

Job Experience
Editor : Gitanjanli Cine Magazine (A Filmy Magazine)
: Priya Cine Magazine (A Filmy Magazine)
: Dhukdhuki Cine Magazine (A Filmy Magazine)
Reporter : Kantipur Publications (Entertainment)
: Nepalbhumi Weekly (Entertainment)
: Jana Aastha Weekly (Entertainment)
: Parda Weekly (Entertainment)
: Sachetak Weekly (Entertainment)

Research Experience:

Tulasi Giri has taken part in many research programs as an active team member in folklores, music, film and literature. The details are given below.

  1. The ethnographic investigation into the folklore of indigenous communities including the Meche, Dhimal, Satar, and Lepcha peoples, conducted in 2008 A.D., within the Ilam and Jhapa districts of the Eastern Development Region, Nepal.


  1. The study concerning the production and distribution of music within the Western Development Region of Nepal, conducted in 2008 A.D., focused on examining the dynamics and mechanisms involved in the music industry within this geographic area.


  1. The ethnographic study on the folklore of the indigenous Gurung community, undertaken in 2009 A.D., within the Kaski and Lamjung Districts of the Western Development Region, Nepal.


  1. The examination of copyright-related organisations and authorities within the Kathmandu and Pokhara Valley regions, conducted in 2009 A.D., aimed to elucidate the landscape of copyright governance in Nepal.


  1. The investigation into the misuse of music products within Kathmandu Valley, conducted in 2010 A.D., focused on assessing the prevalent circumstances surrounding the unauthorised utilisation of musical content in Nepal’s Central Development Region.


  1. The ethnographic exploration of the folklore within the indigenous “Dura” community, conducted in 2011 A.D., concentrated on the Western Development Region of Nepal, providing insights into the cultural heritage and traditions of this distinctive ethnic group.


  1. The study focusing on the literati and their literary productions within the Western Development Regions of Nepal, conducted in 2011 A.D., encompassed an analysis across the sixteen districts of the region.


  1. A comprehensive research presenting detailed listing of Nepali films from the beginning to 2011 A.D., coupled with an in-depth study of their evolutionary trajectory and development process within the cinematic landscape.


  1. Research into copyright-related organisations in the Eastern Development Region of Nepal, specifically in Ilam, Jhapa, Morang, and Sunsari districts, conducted in 2012 A.D., aimed to analyse the regulatory framework, operational structures, and enforcement mechanisms governing intellectual property rights in these areas.


  1. The investigation into the literati and their literary productions within the Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal, conducted in 2012 A.D., involved an extensive analysis covering the ten districts of the region.


  1. A comprehensive study on the economic impact of the Nepali film industry in Nepal, conducted in 2013 A.D., aimed to assess the industry’s influence on various aspects of the national economy.


  1. The comprehensive investigation into literary organizations and publishers within the Central Development Region of Nepal, undertaken in 2013 A.D., focused on mapping the landscape of literary institutions and publishing houses operating in the region.


Script Writing
Nepali Video Film : Mana Mandir (Director :Jagan Bhushal)
Tele Film : Aparadhi Ko ? (Director : Prabhakar Sharma)
Various entertainment, musical programme, documentaries for Nepal Television & Radio dramas for Radio Nepal.
Extra Skill : Singing
Voice Test from Radio Nepal in the year 1990 A.D.

Honour :
By Bindhyabasini Music Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2013 A.D.
By Association of Music Industries of Nepal in the year 2013 A.D.
Best music Journalist by Music Khabar music award 2014.