Prakash Shrestha

Date of birth-December-2,1957
Birth place-Birgunj,nepal
Singinging start-1973
Prakash Shrestha is a Nepali most popular singer. He has recorded 1000 songs, released 12 albums in the form of cassettes and CDs. He has more than 500 performances nationally and internationally under his belt. He has lent his voice to playback songs in more than 150 Nepali films.
then he has made tremendous contribution to Nepali music industry.
Over the period of 36 years, he has gained much respect and adoration from Nepali fans all around the world. His velvety voice has touched souls of many Nepalese people. Millions have been enchanted with this soulful singer’s melodious voice and many more have been charmed by his courteous and gentlemanly ways. Prakash Shrestha is a good representation of the quintessential Nepali man.
Prakash shrestha is renowned for his melodious songs such as Fewatal ko angan, Safal timro, Kanchi he Kanchi and Gahirai ma dubdai na duba. He is also the most recordedPrakash shrestha was born in Birgunj, Nepal. He graduated with Bachelors in Commerce from Thakur Ram college (Birgunj) and went to pursue training in India where he obtained a diploma in music ( Sangeet Prabhakar) from Allahabad university. Besides singing, he was also a sportsman of exceptional ability, excelling in table tennis, cricket and football. He started his career as a singer in 1973 (2030) and since 1979: 1st prize winner: 29th Birthday celebrations of Radio Nepal
Best singer award by Abhiyan-1989
Consolation prize in ABU golden kite world song festival in Malaysia-1989
Narayan Gopal Music award-1991
Best Playback singer award in Sanmiguel film awards-1993
National Vision Busy Award-1995
Sayapatri Award-1996
Chhinnalata Award-1999
Rastriya Gaurav Yuva Award-1999
Mansarovar cine Award-1999
Bhupal Man Karki Award-2000
Nepal Film Artists National Association Award-2001
Nepal Motion Picture Association Award-2001
Subharajyavishek Padak-1974
Prabal Gorkha Dakhsin Bahu from the late King Birendra-1995
Gaddi Arohan Rajat Mahotsa (Silver Jubilee medal) Padak-1996
Birendra Aishwarya Sewa Padak-2001
Prakhyat Trishakti Patta Padak by former King Gyanendra-2004