Neer Shah


Neer Shah is the producer or co-producer of many Nepali movies. He has also directed several Nepali movies produced by himself, including Basudev, Pachchis Basanta, Basanti, and a Nepal Bhasa movie Rajamati. He is also a co-producer of the Oscar nominated film Himalaya – l’enfance d’un chef, which was co-produced and directed by the French movie maker Eric Valli. The film, also released as Caravan (in Canada) and Himalaya (in Denmark and France), was the first film from Nepal to win an Oscar nomination.
Neer Shah has also played antagonistic as well as other character roles in the movies such as Prem Pinda and Balidan. He has also appeared in a few Bollywood movies as a guest artist. Shah has also penned down many Nepali and Nepal Bhasa songs. Being a literary person he has also done the scriptwriting for few of his films.
Neer shah Act Movies
Kusume Rumal
Prem Pinda
Nata Ragat Ko
Dhuk Dhuki
Badal Paree
Siudo Ko Sindoor
Jeevan Sathi
Badal Paree
Baacha Bandhan
Muna Madan
Sano Sansar
Nata Ragatko
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