Bhuwan Chand

“I hardly got to enjoy what others of my age did during my youth,” Bhuwan Chand, 60, the first Nepali feature film actress (The first Nepali feature film is Aama which was released in 1965) beamed recalling how she got herself busy into acting and dancing from her preteens. “I was only five years old when I was first exposed to stage act and dance. Since then, I don’t remember becoming young and adult because I was too much into work.”

That was a different time, different environment and different culture, enunciated Chand who says the lifestyle of youngsters representing the modern mobile generation of today is way advanced than what she went and experienced through in her time.

“Youth of today are too outgoing, well-educated and career-oriented. They are open to everything, that is, from opening minds to different dimensions of thoughts to clothes to meet the fashion statement,” she chuckled. “My time was different. We didn’t have choices. And with that, we were happy with what little we had. I’m happy to realize we had limited choices to make. Today people are fond of tasting many flavors and still they are never satisfied.”